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Many people find mantra to be a wonderful gateway into meditation. Repeating a word or phrase while you meditate can keep you focused and grounded in your experience.  Some people use Sanskrit, Bible verses, prayers, or inspirational quotes.  Others like to use a simple sentence that comes into their head. Whatever you choose is fine! There is no right or wrong.

Today, I encourage you to try repeating a simple mantra in your meditation practice. Here’s a great one I found online!

this weeks Mindful Mantra: I COME FROM A PLACE OF GRACE  http://www.brainbodybeauty.com/post/monday-mantra-i-come-from-a-place-of-grace

Try sitting for a few minutes and repeat, “I come from a place of grace” with attention on your breath. How does it feel? Try repeating it on your head, or out loud and see if your experience changes.

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