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Clean drinking water is something we take for granted every day in the Western World. Sadly, millions of people around the globe aren’t afforded the same luxury.

One in six people are living without clean water and travelling up to six kilometres a day to access it.
Every 20 seconds a child dies from health issues resulting from
contaminated water. And every year up to four million people will die from water contamination, sanitation and hygiene related diseases.

Hard to swallow? Well there’s something you can do about it.. Participate in Mindful in May.

Mindful in May gives you the opportunity to create a clean mind for clean water through meditation and fundraising.

Since it launched in 2012, Mindful in May – founded by Elise Bialylew – has not only encouraged people to live more mindfully by demystifying meditation they’ve given 100K to charity. And this year, with our help, they’re aiming for 250K to donate to Charity Water – a NFP that build wells in poverty-stricken areas.

Just 10 minutes of meditation a day can greatly benefit our lives – reducing stress, improving sleep, gaining clarity and enhancing relationships.

Register now to take on the 31-day challenge that includes daily guidance, weekly instructional downloads and interviews with wellbeing experts.