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I love experimenting with new ways of working out, so when the opportunity to get my Zumba on arose, I decided to ditch the gym for the day and join the dance party!

Not that the fitness craze is anything new.. Since going mainstream a decade ago thanks to entrepreneur Alberto Perlman, it’s become the biggest selling fitness brand in the world- with CDs, apparel, and training courses across the globe.

Zumba Generic Photo

I’ve always thought I could shake it on the dance floor, but am not the most coordinated person when it comes to choreography.. So when I arrived at the Sydney Dance Company I made sure I had a few people in front of me to hide my many missteps.

It didn’t matter though, as Zumba is all about having fun. The bonus is that you work those glutes and work up a sweat while throwing out Latin moves to a playlist of international beats.

The Zumba dance/aerobic workout incorporates samba, salsa, hip hop and even martial arts, with lots of squats, spins and lunges. And while you’re mind and body are both working hard, you’re also upping your exhilaration levels because you’re having so much damn good fun!

Wear your usual workout gear with a pair of sturdy trainers. Take a towel and definitely a bottle if water and be prepared to shake it!



SDC Zumba instructor Kelii and I, a little sweaty after our workout!20140311-095621.jpg


Devotees are dance crazy for Zumba!20140311-095629.jpg