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Does the word ‘dough’ scare your digestive tract into automatic shut down? Mine too!

But not all bread has to be bad and the Dough Collective in Sydney’s George Street is determined to change the face of bakeries and change your mind about leaving yeast in the yesterday.

‘We hope to challenge people’s idea of a bakery by delivering a destination that will lead future generations of bakeries,’ says Chris who heads up the company’s operations.

Only opened a week, the Dough Collective has plenty of traffic coming through their doors already, proving there are still plenty of bun devotees out there. With up to 58 products available front of house; sweeter options on offer in the mornings and savoury breads and rolls available closer to lunchtime, fresh bread is on shelf every two hours. They’re also serving up Single Origin coffee’s Killer Bee blend to workers and shoppers looking to get their daily fix.

Single Origin Roasters coffee is sourced sourced from farms in Central America and South America and is at the forefront of sustainable coffee culture.

But here’s the real difference with the bread at Dough Collective; All breads are handcrafted and use only natural ingredients – no additives! Dough Collective relies on natural flavours and processes and are able to avoid adding sugar or oil to their products.

A few secrets were revealed when I visited the premises last week to enjoy my own bread-making experience. Dough Collective bakers use hot water when making their flour which ups the moisture and they produce their own yeast product using dried raisins fermented in water in a temperature-controlled room for a period of nine days.

Head to 614 George Street, Sydney (opposite the cinemas) if you’re keen to try their unique take on artisan breads.


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