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The claims are huge, ‘Hottest fitness craze to come to Australia’ – so what is it?
Pound is a high-intensity workout developed by two biz-savvy girls, Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, from the US who combined their love of working out and drumming. Yes, drumming!
When I stepped into a class in Sydney’s Hard Candy gym I grabbed my drum sticks (other gyms use glow sticks – pretty rad) and prepared to pound and sweat.
Our instructor Elissa pumped up the music and led us on a cardio workout combining isometric and plyometric moves to strengthen and sculpt. And yes, I felt the burn!
Squatting, lunging, twisting and turning all while pounding the sticks in the air and on the floor to tunes from Linkin Park, Lady Gaga and Rage Against The Machine. It was non-stop, noisy and lots of fun. Even for my slightly uncoordinated self.
Knowing I was burning around 600 calories during the 45 minute class was a good incentive!
Kris Jenner, Mario Lopez and P Diddy are all fans.. So go on, grab your glow sticks and get on down to Hard Candy or UFC Gym and Pound!