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You’re fit, you’re healthy and you’re staying on track with a clean diet and workout routine. Good! I love the continued enthusiasm. Gold star, Cats!

Now, no doubt many of you have green tea in your diet. It’s a wicked little hit of antioxidants and has long been hailed as an immune system booster, liver detoxifier and cholesterol regulator with fat-blasting benefits.

Yes, it does contain caffeine (a cup averages 25mg depending on brand and brewing time) but the way it’s released in the body is much better for you than a shot of espresso!  

So, if you love green tea and don’t fancy drinking cup after cup Green Tea X50 might be the perfect answer – not only is it an antioxidant-packed refreshment, it can help you burn up to 200 extra calories a day.

I’m not advocating dieting as all you need to do is eat well to be well and maintain a healthy shape that’s right for you with daily activity and positivity. But.. if you do need a little help maintaining that bikini body, I’ve checked out X50 and it’s preservative-free, aspartame-free as it’s sweetened with Xylitol (sounds scary but is actually naturally derived from the birch tree), and is nutrient rich.

It comes in sachet form that you simply mix with water. Gulp some down pre-workout to give yourself a boost and the necessary hydration.

I’d strongly advise to stick to ‘original’ and avoid anything ‘flavoured’. I do not believe in flavouring of anything. Yuk.

A 30-sachet starter pack costs $39.95


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