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I’m part way through a five-day diet cleanse. It’s not a ‘diet’ as in, I’m not trying to lose weight – well, maybe that extra Christmas kilo – but more trying to cleanse my system of those holiday indulgences. Hello (and goodbye!) Mum’s mince pies and ice-cream cones by the beach.

The beauty of this cleanse is that it’s all pre-prepared meals that are home delivered and taste de-lish-ious. Dietlicious deliver gourmet meal plans right to your door and given their head chef has a French background and Michelin restaurant experience their food is Quality (yes, with a capital Q).

I’ve started each day with a delicious smoothie – either mixed berry & cacao, watermelon, mint and acai, or mango and chia. For lunch I’ve eaten such delights as Indian curry with basmati rice, tuna risotto and spinach chana dahl. Dinner is usual fish or chicken with a salad, but I especially love the Thai red curry with tofu.

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The Dietlicious choices cater to all your needs – vegetarian, gluten-free, diabetic, sugar-free… But the cleanse in particular gives the digestive system a rest from wheat, gluten, dairy, red meat, preservatives, additives + highly processed foods.

While over the holidays I took the opportunity to sleep as much as possible (Zzzzz) and let’s face it, be a little lazy, now that I’m back into the swing of a new year, the Dietlicious food program has given me the energy boost I need to seize each day.



I’ll check back in when I’ve completed the cleanse but just wanted to spread the clean-food word on this little home-delivery discovery for everyone to enjoy!

Dietlicious delivers to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and their surrounds. And has food plans to meet all budgets. Check out their website http://www.dietlicious.com.au now and make your life that little bit easier, and healthier, with their gourmet dinner service delivered straight to your door.