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It’s official, Jennifer Hawkins has the best legs strutting around our fine land!


Venus & Olay commissioned a survey (to celebrate the launch of the Venus & Olay SugarBerry razor) amongst Australians and they voted Hawko in ahead of Megan Gale and Miranda Kerr as having perfect pins. And it’s hard to disagree!


Topping the international celebs was Cameron Diaz with Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce coming in a close second.

Coogeecat spoke to fashion personality and style blogger Nikki Phillips – who has killer sexy legs herself – about what makes the perfect set of pins.

Nikki Phillips

What makes the perfect pair of legs?

Having irresistibly smooth silky legs is definitely what makes a woman’s legs more attractive along with regular exercise to keep pins in top condition. Sexy legs have a good overall shape to them from top to bottom. They are toned, smooth and tanned.

Why does Jennifer Hawkins have the perfect set of pins?

The combination of a toned shape, an even, natural tan and smooth, silky legs helped Jen achieve the title of Australia’s most perfect pins.

How do you make sure your legs are ready for summer?

The first step would be to make sure you are using a really good razor like the Venus & Olay SugarBerry. I start at the ankles and shave up the leg using short strokes shaving against the grain with a little pressure for an ‘ouch-free’ smooth shave. I also maintain a regular exercise routine to keep them toned.

What’s the perfect pose to make sure legs look their best in photos?

If you are taking a beach ‘selfie’, make sure you aim the camera so that the edge of the frame should land somewhere on your thighs, fairly close to your hips. This angle makes your legs look as long as possible. If a friend is taking the shot, a side on profile whilst lazing on the sand is always the most flattering – and always ensure your legs are silky smooth.

How else do you look after yourself – what is your diet like?

I’m a vegetarian, so my diet consists of lots of vege, fruit and greens. Since turning vegetarian four years ago, I’ve got more energy and feel great!

Can you share a favourite juice or smoothie recipe?

I don’t usually refer to a recipe but rather buy ingredients that are seasonal and fresh. At the moment I love making green smoothies with key ingredients such as coconut juice, avocado, kale, honey and the occasional addition of spirulina or chia seeds.

What are your beach-bag must haves?

My beach must haves are a large beach towel, sunblock, hat, Sparkling water, waterproof phone case and sunglasses. It also normally has a few tennis balls in it, as I loving hitting the beach with my dog, Tygalilly.

How do you stay fit and healthy over the holiday season?

Remaining hydrated and drinking lots of water is vital over the holiday season and it also does wonders for your skin. Another great tip to stay motivated is to take your workout into the great outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather – whether for yoga or strength training.  

What’s your weekly fitness routine?

I’ve always been an outdoorsy girl – I love going for long walks, runs and work out at the park regularly. I also work out twice a week with personal trainers at Savage Training doing cross fit and targeting more cardio and a high intensity workout

What music do you like to work out to?

I have been listening to Pharrell Williams, Flume and Kanye West.

What are the best exercises for lean legs?

My top exercise to achieve toned pins would be to focus on lunges and LOTS of squats with dumbbells. Also as painful as it is, stair running is great for overall definition and it is a great cardio workout at the same time.

Have you discovered any new workouts to share?

I like to mix things up with my exercise regimes so I am always challenging my body. I love TRX Suspension Training which I’ve been doing for about three years. It is a total body workout that uses your own bodyweight and gravity to perform hundreds of exercises. It lets you control how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

What pieces should we update our wardrobe with this summer to ensure we show off our legs to their best?

For the beach a one-piece swimsuit is great to show off your curves and neon pair of sandals for a pop of colour. I’m all about high waisted shorts and baggy shirts and when on holiday it’s a must to always pack a little dress as you never know what a night may lead too. Style the dress with a denim shirt around the waist and some casual sandals or pop on a wedge and show off those silky smooth legs.



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