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One of my fave Christmas presents this year was discovering (thanks, Mum) Kunara Organic Marketplace on the Sunshine Coast.

The one-stop shop for all things natural and organic sells everything from artisan breads to beauty and skincare, dairy and non-dairy (think coconut, goat and almond) yogurts and milks, biodynamic juices, fermented products, free-pick salads, vitamins… their grocery selection is endless. There’s even an organic frozen pet food section for your fury friend.

The star of the show is their ‘In Bulk’ aisles where customers can bag their chosen quantity of seeds, grains, cereals, superfood powders, chocolate, teas and dried fruits. Thought to be the largest selection of bulk wholefoods in the country, it’s worth stopping in just to fill up a few brown paper bags with some holiday goodness.

You don’t have to be vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free to enjoy organic food – it’s a lifestyle choice many are making to ensure they’re ingesting food free of chemicals, hormones, preservatives, allergens and pesticides.


Kunara started off as a roadside fruit n veggie store, remarkably they’ve grown their business to include an award-winning cafe and garden centre and they own an organic farm in North Queensland. The family-owned business does their best to source further produce locally or nationally.

Throughout the year Kunara also offers wholefood and raw food cooking workshops and inspirational events.

Make sure you stop by if you’re on the Sunshine Coast – your visit will not only enhance your own health, but shopping organically has a positive kick-back effect on the environment too.


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