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The first thing you notice when entering Ovvio in Paddington’s Five Ways is the calming ambience of the organic tea house. It’s like stepping into an old-world apothecary, with (chemical-free) teas lining the walls as well as hand-blended organic herbs and spices and organic skincare.

Ovvio – which means ‘obviously’ or ‘naturally’ in Italian – is owned and run by naturopath Anthia Koullouros who also has her naturopathy clinic and dispensary in the terrace house premises.

‘It started with me being the practitioner, then I wanted my own clinic, then I wanted a greater platform to voice my wellbeing beliefs,’ says Anthia, who opened the original organic Ovvio in 2004 before expanding and moving to the current premises.

For 20 years Anthia has been combining Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition to assist her client’s on their journey to better health. Her premise being that food is the ultimate medicine.

‘The product evolved after the store,’ tells Anthia. ‘And it keeps growing – now we’ve gone into wholesale. It’s a beautiful business, it’s beautiful doing something that we love to do.’

‘And I have the [herbal] dispensary here so when clients come in to see me I can create bespoke individual formulations to assist in their transition from ill health to health.’

OVViO’s mission is to infuse health with Peace, Love, Beauty and Truth. And to ‘engender love, respect and consideration for our environment, farmers, animals, humanity and health.’

Seems a sensible philosophy to me.

Next time you’re in Paddington escape into Ovvio to recharge with one of the 40+ teas on offer. They’re all 100% organic. Yes, 100%.

My recommendation is the Rise and Shine (Licorice root, Lemon Myrtle and Ginger root). Anthia struggles to choose just one but says she can’t go past the traditional English Breakfast or the very first OVViO Organic Tea she created (which is still their most popular) Paddington Lemon Tea, consisting of Australian Lemon grass, Lemon myrtle and Licorice root. 


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