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You watched the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show right? Admit it.. And no doubt you were a little envious of the Angel’s perfect behinds! Strutting down the catwalk in their wings and g-strings you couldn’t help but notice there was not a dimple in sight! Sigh.
Well, turns out the girls work hard on their bodies – sure they’re blessed with good genes but they don’t take it for granted. While Adriana Lima is a keen boxer (watch this, girl can hook), Allessandra Ambrosio is a fan of Leandro Carvalho‘s Brazil Butt Lift program.
Leandro has developed the ultimate butt busting and boosting moves to tighten up and smooth out the most stubborn of cheeky cheeks.
His program not only sculpts beautiful ‘boom booms’ but carves our your curves as well.
I recently headed to Bondi Beach for an early morning session with Bottoms Up! Fitness to trial the Fitness Brazil Butt Lift Challenge. And a challenge it was!
Women’s Fitness mag’s Fitness Expert Libby Babet started social fitness group Bottoms Up! for women to make exercising a fun and social experience. And what’s not fun about lots of girls dancing around in shorty shorts and shaking their booty on Sydney’s most iconic sand stop?!
Here’s a few pics of the girls getting their butt moves on! And believe me when I say I felt my gluteus maximus the next day. Victoria’s Secret, here I come! At least to your online store 🙂
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Below: Libby and the Bottoms Up! girls.
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Below: Leandro and his girls feel the burn…
The DVD is available for $59.85 + postage and handling from http://www.beachbody.com/
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