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The new trend in juicing, is pressing. The method of pressing allows more vitamins, minerals and enzymes to hang out in your juice than any other extraction method.
You want to imbibe the max nutrients from your fruit n veg, right? Might be time to update your appliances then.. Or, you could just head to Pressed Juices They’re bottling tasty concoctions for your drinking pleasure at locations in Melbourne and Sydney and are quickly spreading their juicing wings.
Their menu is one of the best I’ve seen – with five types of cold pressed Greens (I’m a fan of green 5), berry options, mylks (spiced almond mylk, yes please!) and cleanses on offer. All juices are pressed daily and bottled at the source.
I just stocked up at their Crown Street, Sydney, store… Check out their blackboard menu below.
A special shout out to Miss Jesinta Campbell who put me onto Pressed Juices when I worked with her this week for OK! Magazine. The former Miss Universe Australia is a healthy babe who knows her stuff.