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She’s got a smile that makes her mega bucks – not to mention a gorgeous face, enviable body, raven mane and vivacious girl-next-door personality. Yep, Megan Gale is the ultimate package. No wonder she’s a supermodel. And no wonder most of Australia, all of Italy, and AFL footy star Shaun Hampson are in love with her. I should mention that the happy couple are ‘excited’ to be expecting their first child together – giving Megan even more reason to flash that smile!

Given that she’s always grinning, Megan’s signed on as the new ambassador for White Glo – the professional choice when it comes to whitening toothpastes.

You know what that means, that you too can channel a little of that cover girl magic by brushing with White Glo. I’m not saying you’ll wake up with a L’Oreal contract or a 6’7 hunk next to you, but you will have a beaming white smile.

White Glo is one of Australia’s leading teeth whitening brands, they not only offer toothpastes, but also whitening mouthwashes and complete whitening systems. 

I’ve tried it and not only is it affordable (and easily available at supermarkets and chemists), it’s as easy as brushing your teeth and it actually works to lighten stains on your teeth. Well, if it’s good enough for Megan

‘I am thrilled to be announced as the face of White Glo, the toothpaste that I trust to keep my teeth white and glowing with health,’ says Megan. ‘I love knowing that every time I use White Glo I am looking after my smile, so that I can face each day confident that my teeth are looking their absolute best.’

We can’t all look like gorgeous Miss Gale, but we can get our teeth to look their pearly white best.

And, all White Glo toothpastes come with a free toothbrush and dental flosser. Who needs the dentist!

(Disclaimer: You still need the dentist, people. Very important.)

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