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This killed me! In a good way.. If you consider yourself fit, that’s great, but if you’ve never done a TRX class, I can promise you, you will discover new muscles under muscles you never knew existed!

Since meeting with TRX Master (he trained in San Francisco and is one of only three in Australia, but don’t worry you don’t have to address him as ‘Master’, unless you want to of course) Marin Lazic at his TRX studio under Sydney’s Anzac Bridge, I’m spreading the TRX word.

The whole idea behind this suspension training is MOVEMENT. The TRX tools have been designed to strengthen your core, build muscle and burn calories.

Mark Wahlberg and JLo are both huge fans and Marin trains footballers, TV presenters and every day folks who like to stay in shape and challenge their bodies. He calls his classes ‘yoga and Pilates on steroids’ but they are that and so much more.

Marin (a proud Lululemon ambassador) will have you lifting, jumping, throwing, balancing and playing with workout toys you’ve never seen before – his studio is called The Playground after all! Oh and that’s non-toxic astro turf you’ll be bouncing around on. Nice touch.

Although Marin does’t believe in training to the point of pain – I was certainly in pain 24 hours after my first class! But, I’m not deterred because results don’t come without a little achey break heart at the beginning, right?!

Here’s a few words from Marin from Z Best Fitness about TRX.. but if you want to know more, email him at marin@zbestfitness.com

Describe TRX in your own words?

TRX training is functional bodyweight training where we focus on movement and develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. 

How canTRX transform our body? 

Firstly you will notice that you will feel stronger through your core, you will stand up taller and your posture will improve, your shoulders are back and down. After that you will notice that you move better, you have more energy and then when you look at yourself in the mirror you will find you have firmed up.

What sort of fitness level do you need to get started with a TRX class?

One of the unique things about TRX training is that it’s for all levels. Once you learn how to regress or progress the exercises you can join any class. Also your coach will know your strengths and weaknesses and will be able guide you through the workout so you are safe and that you are doing effective exercises.  Groups are capped at 12 people so that you get a personal training feel in the group environment. 



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