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I’ve got a secret, a Slim Secret. I don’t always get the chance to optimise my fibre intake in the mornings. But, I don’t have to stress anymore that I didn’t blend that green juice this morning or have time to enjoy a bowl of fresh fruit because Slim Secrets new Daily Fibre Power Bar is the perfect little packet of fibre to help get me moving. Get it!?

The Daily Fibre Power Bar is packed with yumminess, including seeds, Goji and Tahini to keep you fuller for longer so you don’t indulge in anything naughty. And the best thing about boosting your fibre intake is reducing the bloat.

Of course you should keep up the daily exercise and a good intake of plant food, Cats. But be sure to grab a Slim Secrets bar from Woolies or your local health food store for when you’re on the go. Not only are they high in fibre, a good source of Protein and Omega 3, but they contain nothing artificial and are gluten free. Oh, and they’re only $2.95. So stock up!

Fibre Power Bar_r1


I kinda love the Slim Secrets Fit & Fab mini protein bar too. Who wouldn’t love a bite of guilt-free choc peanut fudge? Then there’s the less-than-100-calories apple and cinnamon bar and….

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