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Stephanie Rice


Three-time Olympic gold medallist Stephanie Rice has been announced as an ambassador for global sports brand Russell Athletic. She’s a fit, energetic and motivated and I was lucky enough to chat to her about the brand’s new Cotton Power performance innovation as well her training routine post-Olympics.

How excited are you to be aligned with Russell Athletic?

I’m so excited. It’s been a while since I’ve really wanted to work with an athletic brand because it’s really what I stand for – a healthy lifestyle and great workout clothes. I wanted to work with one that I actually really liked! And I love Russell Athletic – it ticks all the boxes for me becasue it’s bright, fun and colourful and focuses on performance.

What are your favourite pieces in the range?

There’s a few – I really love the main tank, the cotton power fabric keeps you cool and dry while you’re working out so you don’t get awkward sweat patches! But what I love most about Russell is the colours are all bright and fun, it’s perfect for summer. I don’t like to wear just plain black and I like to get up in the morning and put my workout gear on – it encourages you to go to the gym.

What’s your fitness workout routine like at the moment?

It changes all the time. When I was swimming it was a hard-core seven hours a day with swimming, gym and running. Now I take a more balanced lifestyle approach and I do about an hour a day of exercise if my body feels like it. So five times a week for an hour which will be anything from yoga to long walks or a run. I like combining running with something more relaxing like yoga or Pilates. I have so much muscle in my body that I don’t need to do weights. I’m now trying to make my frame a little bit smaller so I’m laying off weights for a year to recover my body.

How do you start your day?

I have lemon and hot water with a little bit of coconut oil in the mornings. The coconut oil is great to nourish your body with the good fats and it hydrates your skin and everything. And the lemon is a perfect alkalizing detox for the morning. I try every morning to start with that and I follow it with fruit. I love fruit in the mornings and I’ll make a smoothie too with banana.

How are you enjoying the media career since appearing on Celebrity Apprentice?

It’s different! For some reason my personal life is something that’s always been interesting to other people when I don’t even really have one. So, apparently a new boyfriend this week! [laughs]. One would be great! No, I’m really focussed on work this year coming off such an intense prep for the Olympics I really wanted to establish myself in the business world. I’ve really not given myself a lot of time to relax with friends or go out for a drink. I’m trying to focus on business this year and Russell Athletic and next year I’ll see where the world takes me.photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5