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  • The very gorgeous Jodi Anasta (nee Gordon) is not only glowing since announcing her and hubby Braith Anasta are expecting a baby in the new year, she’s also discovered the benefits of organic skincare range, Puretopia.

Puretopia celebrated its second anniversary by signing Jodi as their first celebrity ambassador. Congrats! And I was lucky enough to have a chat with the always gorgeous and smiling Jodi about aligning herself with the earth and plant-derived skincare brand and her favourite products from the range.

And in keeping with coogeecat tradition, I asked her to share her fave juice with me!

Jodi, you look fantastic, you have such a glow going on at the moment!

Do I have a glow? It could be the pregnancy, but my girlfriends have been saying that and asking me what I’m using..

What are you using?

Well I’ve just signed with Puretopia, an organic skincare range.

Wow, that’s exciting!

Yes, it’s very very exciting. It’s all beautiful, natural skincare and haircare products which is such a beautiful fit with me right now. It’s the first time I’ve started exploring using organic products.

Organic products are becoming more and more popular…

I think it’s great if people are willing to educate themselves. There is such a big market for organic products now and we all need to know how to look after our skin. And the thing I’ve noticed about the products is they have this beautiful earthy smell to them, it’s not chemically enhanced by any flavourings or anything so it’s nice to have a shower and use body lotions and creams that have that beautiful earthy smell. It’s like chocolate without the calories, so it’s the same as you’d normally use but without all the added preservatives and chemicals, it has the same effect.

What are your favourite products from the range?

The eye rescue that has a rollerball on it, I’ve been using it every night. I’ve never used eye creams but I use it at night and when I wake up under my eyes just looks better. And the lip cream as well – my lips dry up in winter or after too much sun but after using that one night they felt fuller and moisturised.

Do you have any special smoothies or juice recipes you could share?

I never got the whole juice thing until recently. Now, I’m into it! I need my three o’clock juice. I like pineapple, watermelon, carrot, beetroot and ginger. I have more fruit than vegetables, but I’ll get to the point where I like an all-vegetable juice. I’ve got my training wheels on so I’m easing myself into it. But juice gives me a kickstart and stops my craving for eating a muffin or something like that.

Jodi’s fave Puretopia products:

Shot3_Eye Roller-a Shot5_Lip Cream-a

Eye Rescue Refreshing & Detoxifying Massaging Roller $19.95rrp

Pert & Plump Line Filling, Peptide Lip Cream $14.95rrp


Puretopia was founded two years ago and developed in conjunction with a team of scientists to deliver natural solutions for skin and hair care concerns. The finest botanical ingredients promise you’ll see immediate results and smell great without any artificial input – that’s because Puretopia guarantee their products contain no synthetic fragrances, parabens, skin drying sulfates, artificial colours, phthalates, propylene glycol, DEA, TEA or silicones, and are against testing on animals.

Why is this important? Because everything you put on your skin, your body’s largest organ, is absorbed into your bloodstream. And a lot of beauty products and skincare products contain a long list of (often unpronounceable) ingredients that could be doing more harm than good. Adds new meaning to the term ‘skin deep’ doesn’t it?

I’m a beauty junkie myself, and I have shelves of eye creams, serums, lotions and potions, but I’m making a move towards using ‘safe’ cosmetics and (Check out the environmental Working Group’s site for more info on this) Puretopia feels like a step in the right direction

Their skincare range include anti-ageing and nutrition actives, vitamins, sunscreens, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and peptides for skin vigour while the hair care products feature UV filters, a patented Colour Lock Protection and are 100 per cent sulfate and paraben free.


Photo from Jodi’s instagram